From the purest waters on Earth, comes the Alpha of Omegas

OXL SPORT ™ is a dietary supplement that contains the patented all natural green lipped mussel oil extract, PCSO-524®. Sourced from the pure waters of New Zealand. OXL SPORT ™ contains 30 essential fatty acids including EPA, DHA, ETA and OTA. In clinical studies, the active ingredient in OXL SPORT ™ (PCSO-524®) has been shown to support joint mobility, respiratory health, and help minimize delayed onset muscle soreness.*



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What Keyon Dooling is saying about OXL SPORT™

“I have enjoyed the incredible benefits of OmegaXL for over a year and I feel great. I worked with Great HealthWorks to create OXL Sport, a product with even greater potency than OmegaXL – for people with active lifestyles.”

Keyon Dooling





OXL Sport ™

The Smart Choice to Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation

OXL Sport ™

  • Benefits Healthy Cell Function
  • Clinically Shown to Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Without Complications
  • No Known Drug Interaction
  • No Known Side Effects
  • Dependable, Not Dependency
  • Small Dose with Powerful Results
  • Made in the USA with Green Lipped Mussel Oil From the Pristine Waters of New Zealand
  • 30 Plus Years of Research and Science On Patented PCSO-524™ Oil Complex
  • Contains No Banned Substances and Produced in Only cGMP Certified Manufacturing Facilities

Alternative Remedies May

  • May Cause Damage to Digestive System and Other Internal Organs
  • May Interfere with Muscle Growth
  • May Interfere with Some Medications
  • May Create Dependencies
  • Unknown Source of Raw Material Origin Using Multiple Fish and Some Parts
  • No Specific Research on Oil in Product
  • Unknown Manufacturing Processes and Locations

Keyon Dooling enjoyed a 13-year career in the National Basketball Association. A first-round draft pick of the 2000 NBA Draft, from 2000 – 2012 he played for the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, New Jersey Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Boston Celtics. He also served as an officer in the National Basketball Player’s Association. Keyon retired from professional basketball after spending the 2012 – 2013 season with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Keyon is the founder and President of Dooling Enterprises, and is a motivational speaker, life coach, and author. He believes that creating mental, physical, and spiritual balance is the key to personal and professional success. Keyon and his wife Natosha own several other businesses and are actively involved in charitable outreach to children.

KDooling-Signature“I have enjoyed the incredible benefits of OmegaXL® for over a year and I feel great. I worked with Great HealthWorks to create OXLSport ™, a product with even greater potency than OmegaXL® – for people with active lifestyles.”


Ken Meares has spent his life in the world of health and fitness. A former professional weight lifter, Mr. Meares has built several very successful companies, building them from the bottom up and creating great value with each venture. He built the first Gold’s Gyms, put together chains of health clubs, and prior to founding Great HealthWorks ran a national supplement company that focused on inflammatory related challenges, and as such he has invested considerable time, money, and effort in the pursuit of natural wellness products

“When I discovered the oil used to create OXL Sport ™ over 10 years ago, it became my driving passion to bring it to the world. Today our products offer life changing experiences to the hundreds of thousands of people who use them monthly. Great HealthWorks™ looks forward to serving you with concierge level customer care as you enjoy the benefits of OXL Sport ™.” 

Wishing you great health,

KenMeares-SignatureKen Meares,
CEO & Founder
Great HealthWorks

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